Tree Removal vs Tree Trimming: When to Choose Which Option

Caring for the trees in your yard isn’t quite as simple as it seems. Trees are living organisms that require pruning, trimming, and other types of regular care to keep them healthy and thriving. However, how do you know when your yard needs tree trimming and pruning versus a tree removal? Here’s an easy guide to help you figure it out. 

What are tree trimming and pruning? 

First, let’s discuss what tree trimming and pruning are. 

  • Tree trimming is removing overgrown but healthy branches. Tree branch removal is important because it allows sunlight to reach the rest of the tree, and ensures that other parts of the tree receive the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive. 

Tree branch removal ensures that your tree stays healthy as a whole and can also help you maintain a certain aesthetic shape. As tree branches grow unevenly, they can leave your tree looking unbalanced and unsightly.  Tree branch removal helps to ensure the tree looks its best all year. 

  • Tree pruning is removing dead or diseased branches from a tree. This helps to prevent the spread of disease to the rest of the tree and other plants, shrubs, and trees in the area. Tree pruning also ensures continuous growth and development for the tree and reduces pests. Pruning usually takes place annually after the blooming cycle. If you’re not sure when to schedule tree pruning, we can help you decide on the best time. 

What is tree removal? 

Now let’s talk about tree removal. If your tree is dead or too diseased to help, you may have to schedule emergency tree removal service. A dead or diseased tree is a threat to everything around it – it can spread disease to your other plants and trees, as well as fall over and damage surrounding buildings, cars, power lines, etc. 

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Does your tree need trimming and pruning, or should it be removed? 

So how do you know if you should schedule tree trimming and pruning, or if you need to look for emergency tree removal service? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide. 

Is the tree diseased beyond help? 

If the tree in question is extremely diseased and pruning won’t get rid of the infected parts, you may need emergency tree removal service. A sick tree can spread diseases to other trees and plants in your yard, as well as become a hazard when it does. 

Is the tree dead? 

If the tree has already died, you should absolutely have it removed. A dead tree is a hazard to everything around it and can cause expensive damage to personal property – both yours and your neighbors’. If the tree is dead and close to anything it could damage, it should be removed instead of trimmed

Is the tree not thriving where it’s been planted? 

Is the tree healthy where it’s been planted? Is it fighting other trees and plants for nutrients, water, or sunlight? If the tree isn’t getting what it needs in the spot you planted it, you need tree removal service to remove it. 

Do you have too much shade in your yard? 

Is your yard too shady? Too much shade in your yard can damage other plants and shrubs, as well as encourage the growth of mold, moss, and other issues that arise from dampness. You may need to schedule tree removal or at the very least, tree branch removal to give your yard a little more access to sunlight. 

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