8 Reasons You Should Consider Winter Tree Pruning

Summer is on its way and the trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass in your yard are probably exploding with new growth. It can be tempting to pull out the pruning shears and get to work, but is spring or summer really the best time to prune trees? Believe it or not, you should typically hang up your shears until the weather turns cold again – here’s why. 

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10 Signs of a Dying Tree you Shouldn’t Ignore

Trees account for some of the most expensive damages to homes and property every year. According to OSHA, trees are more dangerous than sharks in terms of the damage they do to homes and other structures. Tree damage from storms or a dying tree or branches can happen in the blink of an eye.  Read More

How to Properly Mulch Around Your Trees

Mulching is an important step to retaining soil moisture and channeling more rainfall into the soil. The right quantity of mulch will slow and prevent weed growth. As an added bonus, a new layer of mulch can make your yard look sharp. Follow these guidelines before spreading mulch in your yard and around your trees: Read More

Hurricane Season Ending – Tree Maintenance

Hurricane season is coming to an end. Fall is here and so are the cold temperatures!  If you have any damaged trees, you should have them inspected or removed before winter begins.

All trees have the potential to fail at some level of force from wind, snow, or ice. The problem lies mostly with the trees that have been developed around and had roots cut, crushed, or torn in the process. After this type of storm damage, there may be ensuing decay for the tree. Wood decay can cause trees to break down. Read More

Tree Flagging – The Last Visual Sign of Brood X

If you’ve recently noticed small branches dying, and the browning of leaves at increasing rates around your property you may be concerned about the well-being of your trees. Throughout the DMV area small branches are dying causing clusters of leaves on those branches to brown and eventually fall to the ground. This is likely nothing to be concerned over for your established trees, the “Tree Flagging” that’s showing up throughout the east coast is the last visual evidence of the Brood X Cicadas completing their life-cycle. Read More

Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

When deciding between removing trees on your property you have a few options: remove them yourself, ask a friend for help, or pay a company to remove them for you. The first two options are clear winners on price, but once you factor in safety, the risk to your property, and liability the companies offering expert tree removal quickly move into the lead. Here are some of the most common risks associated with DIY tree removal and why you’re better suited contacting a trained, licensed, and bonded professional like Hometown Tree Experts.  Read More