5 Advantages of Tree Stump Grinding

freshly cut tree stump

Tree removal can be a costly process which might lead you to consider not having a tree stump removed to save time and money. While that is always an option, there are many benefits to having your tree stump removed or grinding the tree stump down so that it is no longer visible, or a nuisance on your property. 

The Difference Between Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal

During the tree removal process, an often-asked question is, “Do we need to remove the tree stump, and will it change the cost?” While, in some cases, it may change the cost, it is important to understand why you should consider tree stump removal or tree stump grinding. 

Once you have had a tree removed, your yard will look spacious and open, not to mention safe from damage caused by a falling tree or branches. A stump can impede the safety and aesthetic of your yard. It might not seem like an important distinction, but there is a difference between grinding the tree stump and tree stump removal. Both of these options are available, but tree stump grinding has many benefits that you might not realize. 

The Benefits of Grinding Your Tree Stump

Improving the Look of Your Yard

When leaving a tree stump behind, it can be unsightly, depending on where it is in the yard. You can improve the look of your yard by having the stump ground down to about six inches below ground level. 

Eradicating Insects and Diseases

Although most of the tree is removed, the stump is still susceptible to diseases such as tree rot or fungus. It can also be infested with insects or pests like termites. A tree stump in your yard can take up to a decade to fully decompose. If your stump is infested with pests or diseases already, grinding the stump can eradicate both. 

Eliminate Regrowth

When you grind a tree stump below ground level, you can help ensure that the roots will not regrow. The roots should also be cut to prevent growing back. 

Saving Money

Tree stump grinding is more cost-effective than tree stump removal. If you are looking for a more affordable option, stump grinding could be the solution. It is often done by a stump grinder or by hand, depending on how large the stump is. 

Remaining Eco-Friendly 

Grinding the remaining stump doesn’t cause as much disturbance to your yard. Stump removal can sometimes involve chemicals or disruption to the soil or ecosystem around the tree stump. It is more eco-friendly and involves less damage to your yard to grind the stump down.   

Avoiding Accidents 

A tree stump remaining in the yard could cause an accident or injury. Whether someone runs into it with a lawnmower or falls because of it, leaving the stump as is can be a risk to you and your loved ones’ safety. 

Say Goodbye to the Tree Stump 

If you are ready to have a stump removed from your yard or have questions about grinding a tree stump down when you have a tree removed, our expert team is here to help. Our licensed team at Hometown Tree Experts can guide you to the best decision for your yard and budget. Give us a call or send us a message to schedule a consultation today.