Preparing Your Trees for Summer Storms With Tree Service

Summers in Maryland often bring severe weather. Thunderstorms, high winds, and heavy rain are more common than many would think. Homeowners usually take the time to prepare their houses for summer storms, but landscaping elements – trees in particular – often fall through the cracks. However, trees can cause serious damage in stormy weather. To prep your yard for summer storms with tree service, check out this easy guide from Hometown Tree Experts. 

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Hurricane Season Ending – Tree Maintenance

Hurricane season is coming to an end. Fall is here and so are the cold temperatures!  If you have any damaged trees, you should have them inspected or removed before winter begins.

All trees have the potential to fail at some level of force from wind, snow, or ice. The problem lies mostly with the trees that have been developed around and had roots cut, crushed, or torn in the process. After this type of storm damage, there may be ensuing decay for the tree. Wood decay can cause trees to break down. Read More

Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

When deciding between removing trees on your property you have a few options: remove them yourself, ask a friend for help, or pay a company to remove them for you. The first two options are clear winners on price, but once you factor in safety, the risk to your property, and liability the companies offering expert tree removal quickly move into the lead. Here are some of the most common risks associated with DIY tree removal and why you’re better suited contacting a trained, licensed, and bonded professional like Hometown Tree Experts.  Read More

When a Storm Strikes

Never is danger greater to a tree than during the inevitable trial by storm. The weight of ice or snow and the fury of wind test the strength of limbs, trunks, and roots. The homeowner, helpless at the moment, can only watch and hope that the tree survives. Survival or loss – the key can be the care you give your tree before and after a storm. Knowing ahead of time what to do when a storm strikes can prevent or minimize your financial loss. Read More

After the Storm Take it One Tree at a Time

With winter’s strange weather, we’re likely in for a stormy summer. Following are a few tips for after the storm. Whenever a storm hits and massive tree damage occurs, an arborist can easily be overwhelmed. The local and national media often blanket TV and newspapers with images of trees down all over the area. Scenes of power lines on the ground with limbs covering them, tree pieces laying on cars and homes, or roads that are impassible from all the debris can make any arborist want to immediately spring into action. We all know that we can help with the cleanup effort, but depending on the size of our crews, you can only be in so many places at once. Read More