7 Signs That Your Tree Should be Removed Immediately

Dying trees could seriously harm your property, your home, and your loved one’s safety when they fall. Understanding whether a tree needs to be removed can often seem daunting, but it is necessary to protect your home and loved ones. Our tree experts can help you when deciding to remove a tree or multiple trees from your property. 

How to Tell If A Tree Is Dead, Dying, or Needs to be Removed

At some point, most homeowners will have to decide if a tree on their property needs to be taken down. It can often be a tough decision due to time and financial constraints. While we may not want to accept that removal is necessary, there are several signs of a dying tree that you should not ignore:

  1. Leaning trees may not seem like a huge concern, but an unstable tree that has begun to lean at a noticeable angle is likely to fall sooner rather than later. Depending on the size of the tree, you could be facing significant damage to your home, car, or property or an injury if someone is nearby when the tree falls. 
  2. If the trunk or branches of a tree have cracks wider than a few inches or you see the tree losing bark, this could indicate a deeper issue. Losing bark is a visible sign of an unhealthy tree, and cracks can lead to a fall or branches snapping off. The danger of trees or branches falling increases the need for immediate removal.
  3. Dead or dying branches can also indicate a compromised structure. Loose branches are a hazard, especially with strong winds, because they can easily break off. This causes a threat to your home as well as your neighbors’ homes. 
  4. Trees that produce fewer leaves or begin to produce no leaves should be inspected. A healthy tree should have a full canopy of leaves during the warmer months. No new leaf growth is a sign of an unhealthy tree that could be dying or ready to fall. 
  5. As a homeowner, you may wonder how much root damage a tree can take before it needs to be removed. If a tree on your property is badly damaged by a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tornado, or severe storm, it must be checked by a professional to see if it needs immediate removal.
  6. Damage to a tree caused by insects or disease can be irreparable. If you notice signs of termites in trees on your property or signs of rot, your trees could be compromised. A tree could be saved in mild cases, but the worse the infestation or infection, the more danger it poses to your home, property, and family. 
  7. A tree should be removed when it is causing damage to your property, such as roots destroying your foundation, pipes, or patio. In addition, a tree that is pushing against your house or your roof can cause significant issues. 

These are a few critical signs that your tree could be dying and must be removed immediately for the safety of your family, home, and property. Contact Hometown Tree Experts today for a free estimate or inspection of your tree by our skilled Arborists to check for damage or rotting. Call us at 301-250-1033 to learn more about our tree removal and inspection services.