Why You Should Use A Licensed Tree Expert

While many people have heard the terms gardener and landscaper, not too many people have a firm grasp on what exactly a professional, licensed tree expert does. A licensed tree expert is a lot more in-depth than watching how-to videos on YouTube. They’re experts on how to plant, maintain, care for, and diagnose issues with a wide variety of trees and shrubs. Additionally, they are able to create educated care plans for your trees and shrubs, as well as help with tree removal when it’s necessary. 


What is a Licensed Tree Expert? 

Tree care professionals in the State of Maryland must be licensed tree experts to perform their services. To become a licensed tree expert, you have the proper education and experience before passing an extensive exam. Licensed tree experts need to learn the Maryland Tree Expert law, and continue to develop their skills as new techniques, products, and procedures emerge. These are the professionals that you want giving you advice about your trees and shrubs. 

Why Should You Use a Licensed Tree Expert? 

When you’re looking for a tree service, you should definitely look for one that is licensed.

Planting: Professional licensed tree experts will ensure that your tree is planted correctly and in the right location for the necessary water, soil, and sun so you end up with a healthy mature tree. Not only that, they can recommend the species of trees that are most appropriate for your landscaping needs. 

Pruning: Licensed tree experts can also help you properly prune your trees and shrubs to ensure the health, appearance, and safety of your landscaping. Too little or too much pruning can drastically affect your trees, and a licensed tree expert can give you expert advice on how to approach the process. 

Emergency Tree Care: These experts can help you remove or cut back damaged trees safely while also taking into consideration the effects on the surrounding landscaping and property. They can also diagnose and come up with care plans for sick or damaged trees and if necessary, safely remove them safely and cost-efficiently. 

Tree Removal: Tree removal isn’t as simple as it seems and can definitely be disappointing – not only are you losing a beautiful tree, but you’re also losing money. A licensed tree expert is able to decide if removal is necessary. They can also ensure the tree is safely removed without injury to people or damage to the surrounding property. 

Licensed tree experts can additionally help: 

  • Support weak branches on trees
  • Help diagnose and treat sick trees or shrubs
  • Plan your property and landscaping for aesthetics, functionality, and health 
  • Offer in-depth care plans to keep your plants healthy
  • Provide seasonal care (like through harsh winters) to ensure trees and shrubs thrive all year long

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