Urban Tree Planting: Selecting the Right Trees for Small Spaces

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If you live in an urban space – or even a suburban neighborhood that’s short on a lawn area – you may think it’s impossible to plant and maintain a tree. How can a tree possibly survive when your green areas are so limited? Believe it or not, there are a number of trees for small spaces that can bring your outdoor living space to life – check out this simple guide on how to choose the right one. 

What Are the Benefits of Urban Trees? 

Before you throw in the towel on finding the right trees for small spaces, consider the benefits of planting trees. There are a number of options for urban trees, and they provide perks like: 

  • Providing shade for your outdoor living space or even your home 
  • Creating habitats for animals like birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and more 
  • Offering feeding opportunities for birds and other pollinators 
  • Offering a calming atmosphere for your yard or urban space 

The tree doesn’t have to be huge to offer benefits to your space, either. There are plenty of small trees (both in height and width) that can fulfill your outdoor living wants and needs. 

How to Choose Urban Trees for Small Spaces 

There are a few categories to explore when it comes to choosing the right urban trees for small spaces. We recommend sticking to: 

  • Small shade trees 
  • Narrow evergreen trees 
  • Small fruit or flowering trees 

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Here’s a breakdown of these four categories. 

The Best Small Trees for Your Limited Garden Space 

Small shade trees: These are excellent urban trees because they lend a certain relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor space while simultaneously providing shade for you and your home. They can also help to provide shade for surrounding plants and shrubs. Our favorite options include Crape Myrtle, Redbud Trees, and October Glory Maples. 

Narrow evergreen trees: These trees are perfect for creating privacy in your outdoor living space. These small trees also lend a sophisticated look to your yard, and stay green all year long (which means less cleanup). If you’re opting for these urban trees, we recommend Emerald Arborvitae trees, Italian Cypress trees, and Dragon Lady Holly trees. 

Small fruit or flowering trees: Fruit and flowering trees are simultaneously beautiful and functional. They add a lot of curb appeal to your space and can even provide fresh fruit at certain times of the year. Dwarf trees can even be planted in containers (which makes them easy to move around). Our favorite flowering and fruit trees include Sweet Southern Cherry trees, Jane Magnolia trees, and any citrus tree. 

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It is possible to grow small trees in urban spaces, but you may have to give them a little extra TLC. Here are some tips for their care: 

  • Water them regularly. They may have compacted roots, which means they’ll need more water than the average tree. 
  • Monitor their health. If you choose the wrong tree for small spaces, it can result in illness that you may have to treat down the road. 
  • Prune regularly. You’ll need to keep your urban trees trimmed back with regular pruning to ensure they don’t outgrow their space. 

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Small Trees for Your Green Space 

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