Benefits of Planting Trees and Bushes Around Your Home

Trees provide many benefits to your home. Here are some of the benefits to keep in mind when you’re making the decision on whether or not to plant trees and bushes on your property.

Long-Term Investment

Reduced energy costs, and increased value of your home. Trees planted near your home provide natural cooling benefits and shade. Shade trees can reduce your air conditioning costs by 15-50% annually in addition to providing protection for air conditioning units. The value of a well-landscaped home with healthy trees can be as much as 10% higher than a similar home with no trees or landscaping.

Improved Air Quality

Many species of trees reduce pollution and remove fossil fuel emissions from the atmosphere. For example, trees reduced 19.2 million tons of air pollution in the United States in 2010. A 2013 study from a university in the UK showed that roadside trees reduced air pollution in nearby buildings by more than 50 percent. If this is of interest to you, a 2020 BBC study found that silver birch, yew,  and elder trees were the most effective at capturing particles.

Prevent Erosion

Trees and shrubs are a natural way to maintain a healthy ground composition. A tree’s soil system acts as a bind toward any loose dirt surrounding the tree. The roots hold the soil in place to prevent erosion and absorb water from the surrounding soil. The canopies of trees even reduce the impact of rain onto the ground by slowing or channeling rainfall. This prevents the soil from washing away due to the heavy rain.

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