What Type of Tree Service Do Maryland Trees Need After Winter?

tree service after winter

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to get back outside and prepare your yard and landscaping for the upcoming warm weather and subsequent seasons. However, do you know what tree care your Maryland yard will need as temperatures climb? Hometown Tree is here with tips on how to ready your trees for the spring season.

Five Tree Care Tips for Spring 

Harsh Maryland winter weather can take a toll on your yard, especially if you live in an area that experiences snow or ice. It can leave trees damaged, diseased, or deprived of critical nutrients needed to make it through the upcoming year. Prepping your trees for warmer spring weather is vital to helping them flourish throughout the four seasons. Here are five tips to ensure the trees in your yard thrive this spring.

Tip #1: Do a physical examination before you get started. Before you start tree service prep for spring, take a walk around your yard and examine the trees. How did they fare through the Maryland winter? Do you see any dead branches or problem areas? Make note of them – they may need to be trimmed or require professional tree care. Further, you may have trees that have died during the winter and require tree removal service. Now is the time to deal with tree damage, before new spring growth starts to appear.

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Tip #2: Start pruning. Spring pruning removes dead or damaged branches from the fall and winter. The best time to prune trees for spring tree care is in the very late winter or very early spring – the trees will still be dormant, so there’s less risk of damage to them as you prune. You can also see the old wood clearly (no leaves to hide it yet) and can shape your tree before new growth starts emerging. If you’re not comfortable pruning your trees, contact Hometown Tree for professional tree service.

Tip #3: Make sure your yard is laid out the way you want it. If you have newer trees in your yard, late winter and early spring are great times to move them should the need arise. Pre-spring soil is still moist and allows for easier relocation of trees that need more sun or more space to thrive in the upcoming seasons. If you’re uncertain how to go about moving a tree, definitely contact a professional tree service for help. They can help you not only choose the perfect new location for the best possible tree health but also help you do the relocation itself.

Tip #4: Weed and re-mulch around trees. Weed roots are still shallow in later winter and early spring, which means pulling them is that much easier. Further, weed growth is slow this time of year.  Make sure the beds around your trees are weed-free and then clear away old mulch, dead leaves, and any other debris left from the winter season. Add a fresh layer of new mulch to help keep moisture in the soil as spring progresses.

Tip #5: Prep to fertilize. Your soil may be suffering after harsh winter weather, which means the trees in your yard will suffer too unless you take proactive steps to prevent it. A quality fertilizer can replenish the nutrients missing in your soil after winter. However, it’s always wise to test your soil before you fertilize to ensure you’re not overfertilizing the trees and plants in your yard (which can damage them). Your best bet is to contact a professional tree service and have them conduct a soil test to see what the trees in your yard are missing.

Schedule Spring Tree Care with Hometown Tree Today

As the chill of winter begins to thaw and signs of spring emerge, ensuring your trees are prepared to bloom in full vitality is essential. Hometown Tree offers comprehensive spring tree care services tailored to breathe new life into your yard just in time for the season’s arrival. Scheduling a consultation with Hometown Tree can set the stage for strong, vibrant trees. Don’t wait until spring is in full swing; proactive care ensures your trees are robust, healthy, and ready to provide shade and beauty throughout the warmer months. Let Hometown Tree give your yard the TLC it needs to flourish this spring.