5 Best Ways to Remove a Stump

A tree stump

So you’ve cut down that tree that’s been sending leaves into your pool all summer long but now you have a new problem: an ugly tree stump. If you want to get rid of the stump, there are several ways to go about it. Here are the five best ways to have a stump removed.

Dig It Out

If the tree isn’t too big, it can be dug out. The first step is to dig a large area around the stump. By doing this, you will expose the roots. Once the roots are exposed, you can cut up the roots with a root saw.  After you loosen and cut up the roots, you will be able to pull the remaining stump out of the ground by using a bit of force or with an ATV and chain.

Grind It

A stump grinder is a great way to remove a tree stump. These machines are available for personal rental and can grind away large stumps down to wood chips. Before you start using the stump grinder, make sure there aren’t any large rocks or other obstructions around the area. Make sure you also have the proper eye and ear protection. After the stump grinder is in place overtop of the area, it will be able to grind the stump and surrounding root system. One of the downsides, though, is a large mess of wood chips that you’ll need to spend time cleaning up.

Burn It

One of the more challenging and potentially dangerous ways to remove a stump is by burning. When using this method of stump removal, it is important to take the necessary precautions. Make sure it is legal to burn down stumps in your area as some areas do not allow for this method. If it is legal, be sure to follow proper safety guidances. The main tip to using the fire method is to keep the stump in the center of the heat and add more wood to the center often. After the stump has been burned for a few hours, it should be malleable enough to break apart into ashes with a shovel.

Rot It

If you’re looking for a more natural option, you can rot a tree stump away. This option does take the longest but is the best for the environment. First, you need to drill eight-inch holes in the stump and fill the holes with water and compost. The stump will then start to erode. After a few weeks, the stump should be rotted away enough to remove it with a shovel and wheelbarrow.

 Use Chemicals

Chemical removal of a stump takes a bit of time and care. Chemicals like Spectracide, Bonide, and Roebic can be used to break down the stump over time. Spectracide contains potassium nitrate as a granule, which is the most effective chemical on the market. The majority of stump removal chemicals are powders. The problem with this method is that the chemicals can leach into other plants when it rains and can kill perfectly healthy grass or flowers. Another problem with this method is the extended period of time needed to break down the stump after the chemical is added. On average, it will take anywhere from six weeks to twelve months for the chemical to break down the stump.

If you’re not looking for a DIY option, you can always call the Hometown Tree Experts The best, fastest, and easiest solution is to hire a professional from Hometown Tree Experts to grind the stump and bulb down for you to ensure the process is completed safely and properly.