Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

When deciding between removing trees on your property you have a few options: remove them yourself, ask a friend for help, or pay a company to remove them for you. The first two options are clear winners on price, but once you factor in safety, the risk to your property, and liability the companies offering expert tree removal quickly move into the lead. Here are some of the most common risks associated with DIY tree removal and why you’re better suited contacting a trained, licensed, and bonded professional like Hometown Tree Experts. 

1. Gravity

Whether you’re toppling a tree that is completely intact or attempting to remove higher branches, gravity is one of the top concerns. Once a tree starts falling, you will have virtually no control over its trajectory. This could result in people or property being impacted by falling branches and trees.

2. Falling Injury

Without proper training or equipment, scaling a tree on your own could lead to a very dangerous situation. Falling out of a tree can lead to serious injury or even death. Improper removal of a large branch while up in a tree could cause that falling branch to impact you or whatever is stabilizing you to the tree, and either way it doesn’t end well. 

3. Branches

Even if you’re not climbing the tree to remove branches, this poses a whole new threat: falling branches. Once the tree begins to fall or even as you cut into the trunk, large dead branches could break off the top of the tree, falling with deadly force. Not only could it lead to injury, but also property damage as well. 

4. Decaying Tree

As a tree dies and begins to decay, the structure becomes increasingly unreliable. From branches falling, to the trunk rotting, you need a professional with knowledge of tree biology and experience with the physics of falling trees to make a road map on how to properly remove the tree.

5. Chainsaw and Power Tool Use

Using a chainsaw incorrectly or without knowing how to handle this machine properly might end in harm or even death. When a chainsaw hits a hard object, such as a tree, it can abruptly and violently rebound, causing it to kick back and injure the person wielding it. If you’re using an independent contractor with limited experience or coverage, you could be exposing yourself to unnecessary legal liability. 

Hometown Tree Experts will carefully survey each tree they’re removing as well as its surroundings to determine the best course of action for the safety of the workers and the property. Their trained, licensed, and bonded team has the experience and the tools to safely and effectively remove the trees on your property with minimal impact on the surroundings. Once the job is complete, they will take steps to repair any damage to the lawn and surrounding areas of the property caused by the heavy machinery in use. 

If you have trees on your property that you think needs attention, contact the professionals at Hometown Tree Experts for a free consultation and estimate.