After the Storm Take it One Tree at a Time

A tree limb damaged in a storm

With winter’s strange weather, we’re likely in for a stormy summer. Following are a few tips for after the storm. Whenever a storm hits and massive tree damage occurs, an arborist can easily be overwhelmed. The local and national media often blanket TV and newspapers with images of trees down all over the area. Scenes of power lines on the ground with limbs covering them, tree pieces laying on cars and homes, or roads that are impassible from all the debris can make any arborist want to immediately spring into action. We all know that we can help with the cleanup effort, but depending on the size of our crews, you can only be in so many places at once.

The majority of any storm damage may be from silver maples that have lingering leaves and weaker wood. Oaks are another type of tree that can usually have a hard hit.

Storms always keep arborists busy. Snow, heavy rain, ice and high winds damage trees, and we as professionals should be ready to cleanup requested damage. We strive to always have a plan in mind and try not to lose focus. Our phone may ring off the hook immediately following a storm and make sure we return each and every call as soon as possible. Hometown Tree Experts strive to provide every client or potential client with a reasonable quote and timeframe as to when we could arrange to come out and assess job. Realizing that most of the clients requesting service that are contacting us that this has been a major event in their daily routine, so strive to provide also compassion and concern. This is what sets Hometown Tree Experts apart as professionals. After a storm strikes, there are often many unscrupulous “contractors” who take advantage of your situation. They provide shoddy work, gouging prices, and are sometimes not even capable of completing your requested project. By applying our professional standards to the tasks at hand after a storm, we do professional arboriculture a big service and present the public with the correct image of what being an arborist is all about. Remember that when the general public sees you in the field doing great work with great results your company image shines.

Hometown is very proud of our hard working crew and you would find that they would work safely, professionally and intelligently. For many people, when a disaster strikes a tree around their home, that this may be the only time they would call upon a tree service. We would take the time to educate our clients about the need for tree care and how damage may be averted in the future. We never hope for a disaster, but they inevitably arise and would be ready to respond.

Hometown Tree Experts is extremely excited to announce at this time that we are now have earned our 3-year Residential/Commercial Accreditation in accordance with Tree Care Company Accreditation standards put forth by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), America’s oldest and most respected tree care trade association. Looking forward to providing you with your next tree care service request.