10 Signs of a Dying Tree you Shouldn’t Ignore

Trees account for some of the most expensive damages to homes and property every year. According to OSHA, trees are more dangerous than sharks in terms of the damage they do to homes and other structures. Tree damage from storms or a dying tree or branches can happen in the blink of an eye. 

Knowing how to spot a dead tree can help avoid large amounts of property damage. Here’s what to look for:

Twigs are scattered on the ground around the tree 

When a tree frequently sheds twigs, that’s a sign that it’s becoming unhealthy. A healthy tree will have flexible limbs and branches, which don’t break off easily. If you see fallen small branches it could be an early indicator that your tree needs to be inspected or removed. 

The bark is falling off

If your tree’s bark is flaking or peeling(unless it’s a Dogwood), it’s not receiving enough of the nutrients it needs to survive. If the bark is getting brittle or cracked, it could be a sign of disease or blight. To prevent further damage, you can water the spot where the bark fell off and reattach it with tape.  

You notice rot or fungus

Signs of rot or fungus are not good. If you see either of these you should act immediately to save the tree. If the damage is too severe, the tree will have to be removed.

The tree is leaning

If a tree suddenly starts to keel over, its roots may be dying or damaged. You may be able to brace the tree to keep it from toppling over, best to consult an arborist to be certain. 

Open wounds

Open wounds can lead to tree death. Large cuts or splits are difficult for a tree to recover from. Lightning storms and winds can split trees from top to bottom and tear off branches. 

No leaves

Lack of foliage is a dead give away that a tree is dying or dead, especially moving into spring. If you see bare branches on one side of a tree, it could indicate root damage. Dead leaves can indicate that there is a problem with the flow of nutrients on the inside of the tree. 

Termites or other pests

Trees can be preyed on by a variety of different pests. Beetles, ants, and termites are a few types that can take down a healthy tree. If you see the signs of pests on your tree, you can (and should) stop them before the damage becomes severe.

Root damage

Sometimes construction or landscaping projects can damage tree roots. Roots are necessary to receive water and nutrients from the soil. If roots are cut back too far, the tree will have trouble feeding itself. 

Large Limbs Falling

If your tree’s limbs are falling away from the trunk after windy weather, your tree needs to be inspected. Brittle branches are usually diseased or dead. Don’t wait, get your tree checked for stability. 

No green under the bark 

Healthy trees will have a green layer under the bark. A lack of green under the bark is usually accompanied by dead branches and twigs. The green layer indicates a strong and healthy nutrient flow.

If your tree shows any of these signs, it could be dying. Contact Hometown Tree Experts today for a free estimate or inspection of your tree by our skilled Arborists to check for damage or rotting. Call us at 301-250-1033 to learn more about our tree removal and inspection services. https://www.hometowntreeexperts.com/tree-services/tree-removal/